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Product Code: 220571

Price: R2,250.00

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Holdfast 3 bicycle boot carrier is the ideal way to trasport bicycles on your car without the need of a towbar. The Holdfast Boot Carrier is a rear door mounted carrier that fits a wide range of vehicles and is easy to use, making it perfect for your everyday adventure.


  • Suitable for most hatchbacks, mini vans, sedans and SUV's
  • Rubber coated steel hooks that clips on your car
  • Holdfast boot carrier carries up to 3 bicycles
  • Stabilising straps are included to help keep the load centred on long trips or rough roads
  • Product Code: 220571
    NOTE: Some boot spoilers and bootlid designs might cause the carrier not to fit all types of vehicles.


Weight: 6kg
Dimensions: 85x50x15cm


VOTED “Best bicycle shop in the Western Cape” 2011
Bicycling Magazine, Issue Jan 2012