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Most regular cyclists get to experience the pain of saddle sores at least once in their riding lifetime. One of the most useful things you can do to minimise the chance of saddle sores is to use  a suitable lubricant before every ride. Mark II Shammy Cream contains vitamin E and is formulated for all real and synthetic  chamois and is designed  to make cycling -road or MTB more comfortable. The unique formula makes it ideal for use by all sports enthusiasts involved in running, surfing, swimming ect wherea anti-chafe action is required.

  • Contains a powerfull germ-killer, regular use reduces the chance of fungal or bacterial infections (saddle sores)
  • Will not harm or damage riding shorts (shorts should be washed after use)
  • Natural oils and waxes, vitamin E, chlorhexidine gluconate 0.1%

VOTED “Best bicycle shop in the Western Cape” 2011
Bicycling Magazine, Issue Jan 2012

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