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Classic Energy Gel is a scientifically optimised formula for rapid energy delivery. A combination of matodextrose and fructose, it offers as scientifically validated formulation for maximum energy delivery. Additional sodium and potassium replace lost electrolytes, prevent hyponatraemia and may prevent cramping. Caffeine and taurine improve mental alertness, boost exercise performance and reduce muscle damage.

Ideal for all training sessions and racing, in conjunction with Cadence Nutrition CarboFuel or Marathon drinks and CarboFuel Energy Bar

  • Scientifically proven formulation containing multiple transportable carbohydrate
  • Reduce the risk of hyponatraemia & prolong glucose absorption
  • Improve exercise performance & increase exercise oxidative capacity
  • Caffeine improves sprint, time trial and endurance performance as well as enhancing recovery rate

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Bicycling Magazine, Issue Jan 2012

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