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NoCarb provides a rapidly absorbable energy free hypotonic electrolyte formula. The subtle taste and very low sweetness make it an ideal drink to use during hot and dry conditions. High concentrations of sodium and other electrolytes aim to replace those lost during exercise and reduce the risks of dangerous hyponatraemia and exercise associated cramping.

NoCarb can be used during fasted training sessions as a hydration drink or used during training and racing in conjunction with energy products such as whole food, gels and bars for athletes who prefer to consume energy in a more solid format.

  • Balanced electrolyte formula replace fluid and electrolytes lost through sweat, reduce the risk of hyponatraemia and prolong glucose absorption from energy products used in conjunction with NoCarb
  • Additional Magnesium which is an essential element in energy metabolism and cell function
  • Hypotonic formulation when mixed as directed

*Price per single sachet. Not per box.

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