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Enduren is used to raise and sustain energy during play, work and leisure. Exceptional quality and purity and only natural and/or naturally derived ingredients. Production methods are safe, clean, ethical and conform to good manufacturing practices.

Enduren is a high performance completely natural carbohydrate supplement for the serious and recreational athlete. Specifically designed to raise energy levels, enhance endurance, prevent dehydration and aid recovery, it enables you to train harder and longer and race faster. The unique blend of multiple natural carbohydrates deliver a stepped energy release (slow, medium and fast release) improving gastric emptying rate and fluid absorption, raising energy levels and stabilising blood sugar during exercise.

Mental vitality and concentration is promoted via the supply of glucose, which is a primary brain fuel. Enduren is exceptionally palatable, the difference between pure water and Enduren mix barely noticeable during strenuous physical exercise, with the effect that it is easy to drink continuously even during long events. The natural composition of Enduren prevents the occurrence of allergic reactions like gastro intestinal upset, mucus build-up, tight chest as well as cramping, often caused by other additives in sports, endurance and energy drinks.

Enduran powered international world class atlettes to victory including Dakar, Cape Epic and World Championships. 

  • Superior 3 step energy delivery
  • Subtle taste 
  • Raiseand sustain energy levels
  • Enhance endurance and prevents dehydration
  • Aid recovery with no side effects
  • Stabilise blood sugar during exercise
  • Promote mental vitality and concentration

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Bicycling Magazine, Issue Jan 2012

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